Apr. 27th, 2009

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I haven't updated for a long time. I just didn't feel like writing because nothing important is happening in my life atm and I didn't feel like writing. I am reading my flist every day though!

So, I've been at my parents place for over a month now. Not having to wash my clothes or buy my own food feels great and there haven't been any huge fallouts between me and my dad yet, which is pretty good considering we're both very pigheaded.
I'll drive to Potsdam either Wednesday or Thursday for a week though. Gonna visit my bro and have to take care of some stuff.
I also want to work on my Indiana Jones action figure display and I really really hope to finally be able to take some pics of my apartment. I keep promising to post pics, I know.
Afterwards, it's back to my parents and then it won't be much longer until TEXAS! Weehee! I can't wait to see my adopted family again. It's been way too long.
Of course, my mom is already saying that I might not be able to leave at all, if this influenza thingy is getting worse. Oh well, as long as they cancel all flights when I'm already in TX..... ;-)

Other than that, the weekend has been pretty scarry. I had my blood tested last week because I am constantly tired. One of my liver parameters (GOT) was too high, which freaked me out immensly. Those of you who know me, know, that I get scared easily and always expect the worse when something ain't right with my body. Looking up all the symptoms on google didn't help either because they all fit! People also constantly tell me how yellow my skin is looking (can that be caused by eating 3 carrots every day?)
...... So I went back today for an ultrasound of my liver, gallbladder and so on, which was negative. The doc doesn't know what caused the abnormal liver value. I'll have to go back next week and they'll test my blood again, as the GOT might be affected by a hard workout as well. So we'll see how that goes....

Fandom wise...... I'm 3 eps behind on Heroes and 2 eps on 90210. I am up to date with LOST though, due to the fact that there wasn't an ep last week. And I still haven't found the guts to watch the last ER. As for Smallville, I'll start with season 6 tonight. [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse did you know that CKR was in one season 5 ep?!


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