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1. currently studying nutritional science, but hating it (I'd rather work behind the scenes of a movie, building props or something like that. so feel free to contact me if you have a job!)2. crazy for everything related to Scott Bakula, George Clooney and Harrison Ford3. planing on emigrating after college (California or Texas is my destination)4. always out of money 5. my friends say I'm sweet, my parents think I'm a brat, my sister says I'm intelligent, but everybody agrees that I'm crazy, so I take it as a compliment6. small, very small (4'11,5" *argh*) but stronger than you'd expect!7. wanna travel into the future one day to find out if we'll ever make contact with extraterrestrial life (and don't you tell me time travel ain't possible! It will be one day *pout*!)8. can't sit still for long. I always have to keep my hands occupied, doing crafts, typing....or other things *cough* you get the idea9. I was 5 when the wall came down. All I remember are my first bananas. I was 6 and my parents left them in the car in the middle of January *duh* So I guess I was actually 7 before I got to eat my first one.
Strengths:ambitious, loyal, clever, emotional, liberal
Weaknesses:messy, shy (depends on the person), can't cope with money
Special Skills:1. crafts (name a material and I'm sure I've worked with it before),2. I can benchpress more than a lot of the guys in my gym *lol*,3. can touch my nose with my tongue4. can quote many scenes from thy Indy triology and a whole bunch of Doug/Carol scenes from ER even when I'm very tired
Weapons:don't get close to my hair!

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