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decisions, decisions..... ah I hate that. I really wanna get those X-Files DVD box sets I'm still missing. Weltbild has them for 58 bucks which is really cheap compared what they used to be. Even ebay can't beat that.....
But, and that's the big but, I can't afford that right now since I don't even have any christmas presents for my family yet..... *argh*
Can't put them on my x-mas wishlist either cuz I know I'm getting the TOS DVDs already..... hm......


Oct. 10th, 2004 06:05 pm
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I wanna order some DVDs from the US. Does anybody know what the value can be, so I don't have to pay for customs?
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Oh great, Braga confirmed that he hopes to start releasing the Seasons starting May 2005.
I really gotto find a job.... :-/
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Guess what I got! Guess what I'm gonna do the rest of the day! ::dancing around the room and jumping up and down::

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The big yellow DHL truck was just here. The doorbell rang and I ran outside as fast as possible, hoping that he'd bring me my DVDs, but all he got for us was some stupid packet for my mum. *argh*
Kicked against my door afterwards because I was (still am) so angry. Shouldn't have done that cause now my toe hurts real bad. Stupid me.
Man, that sucks so bad. I could have went to the gym this morning or listened to music really loud, but instead I spend my time starring out the window waiting. All for nothing.
So, what am I supposed to do tonight? I'll probably end up watching 'last crusade' again or screenshoting some other Harrison movie. :-/

day 2

Sep. 21st, 2004 09:02 am
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Another day of waiting for the mailman startet. I hate that. I mean, I can't even listen to music 'cause I don't wanna miss the doorbell. :-/
I'm already thinking about what I'm gonna destroy if I don't get them today, which wouldn't be that eays 'cause my furniture is already reasembled.

I the meantime I try my luck with new icons. This really is like an addiction but the problem is, I've reached my 15 icons now, but don't feel like dropping one. *sigh*
Another thing that sucks is the 40kb limit. I had to reduce the colors so it looks kinda stupid now. Any other ideas on how to stay below 40kb???? Also, is the text readable or does it change too fast (or maybe too slow?)?

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Am I just stupid or doesn't amazon.de have an email adress? I can't find it on their f***in site. Need to tell them how much they suck for saying you'll get it on the release date when preordering, which is what I did. Could have bought it in Media Markt today. was the same price.
I'm really tempted to call and scream at them, but I can't even find their phone number.
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I wanna kill somebody right now!!!!!!!!!! Life sucks! amazon sucks! DHL sucks! I don't konw if I wanna cry or slam my head against the wall.....

stupid DHL

Sep. 20th, 2004 12:19 pm
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*argh* That's not fair. The mailman hasn't been here yet. He always comes before 11am..... *cry* I'm going crazy. I want my DVDs NOW!!!! ::leaves to continue slamming head into wall::
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... who needs a washing maschine anyway. I did it. Couldn't stand this pressure anymore. Star Wars DVD Set is ordered *rolls eyes*
Can't wait to get it 'cause if you believe me or not, I've never watched Empire Strikes back or Return of the Jedi before, only the first one, but I just can't resist Harrison anymore *g*
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*sigh* How come I can't poop money?

I soooooo wanna order this. It's number 1 on amazon.de sales rank and not even out yet. :-o


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*sigh* no money :-(

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Jul. 12th, 2004 05:30 pm
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just found out that QL Season 2 will be released on DVD October 26th!!! :-)suggested retail price will be $59.98


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