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Did I mention I bought the first season of Baywatch on DVD?
No? Well I did!
OMG so cheesy! But so cool as well! The Hoff running around in those red shorts all the time..... muhahaha! Though, I'm always sitting there, expecting him to talk to his yellow truck.

BTW: I SO need to make some Baywatch icons! If only I had some time....
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I dunno if I should cry or be happy now.
I just got an email from amazon, telling me that my Knight Reader Season 4 DVDs were shipped..... YEAH...... but then I realised I gave them the wrong shipping adress. It's gonna end up at my parents place! NO NO NO NO NO! I won't be there until next week! I was so looking forward to finally watch some KR again this weekend *cries*
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Do you sometimes have this very strong urge for chocolate? One that is so strong that it makes everything else seem unimportant and you can't think clearly again until you have some?
Well, I had such a moment right now, though not for chocolate but for INDIANA JONES. But I'm at my parents place right now and my DVDs are in Potsdam. So I drove to the store and bought the DVD pack for 37 bucks. Amazon has them for 29, but as I said, I couldn't think clearly. I had to have them now. So now I feel good again. Like a junky who finally got some drugs.
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Did you know that this time, the Region 2 QL DVDs (season 4) do have music replacement as well?! Hm, now I wonder if I should wait for the German release and see how those are....


Nov. 5th, 2005 01:13 pm
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Oh boy, I just read over at SBFF that the UK version of the Season 2 Quantum Leap DVDs has the original music! GAH, how cool is that? Now I'm really glad that I didn't buy all the US versions yet.
On a side note: my amazon order still ain't here. I bet all the mailmen of Potsdam are sitting in front of a big TV right now, watching my DVDs. *argh*


Nov. 4th, 2005 04:59 pm
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I'm waiting for a package from amazon with my Season 9 X-Files DVDs. I got an email that they sent it on Tuesday and it's still not her! *argh* What's up with that? They usually need 1 day.
This is pissing me off cuz I finished Season 8 two days ago. What am I supposed to watch tonight?
BTW, the last scene of season 8 must be one of the best scenes in TV history ever *sigh*
And now I'm off to do stuff for uni. On a Friday afternoon. It's pathetic really. I think I'm not gonna have another free afternoon until next March.
And before I forget: OMG, I felt my sisters baby last weekend. I put my hand on her belly and could feel the little one kicking. This is so freakin amazing!
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*ouch* my belly hurts big time. I tell ya it's the stress! I was doing so good most of my vacation. No stomach problems. and only a few weeks of uni mess up my whole metabolism again.
Thank God it's Friday tomorrow. I really need the weekend even though I know I'll have to do a whole bunch of stuff for uni.

I also got my package today.
OMG, the freakin bio-chemistry book has more than 1000 pages! *headdesk* I'm so gonna die.
Also got my X-Files Season 8 DVD. F***! They changed the stupid design of the boxes! I hate it when they do that just to save money!
The box is much slimmer than the previous seasons I already have, which looks just plain stupid when standing next to each other.
They put all the DVDs in one case, like they did with the ENTERPRISE DVDs, instead of the fold-out case they used to be in. That sucks!

And some more bad news: they changed the release date of the 18" talking Hartigan action figure. It won't come out until November, which, now that I think about it, isn't so bad after all since it will give me more time to save money for it.
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....moved by so fast. I can't believe I'm at my parents house for almost 2 months now. Tomorrow afternoon I'll already take the train back to Potsdam.
I bet all my plants are gonna be dead by now and I sure hope they could get all my mail in the mailbox (I doubt it though)
I'll have to get some stuff done next week. Get my new uni-IDcard, get some certificates for the tests I took last semester, clean my flat (not so sure about that one yet *g*) and then Friday I'll already be on the road again to [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse! Weehee!

Oh and I got an email today that my 'Die Hard' DVDs have been delivered. Which mean I can pick them up tomorrow night when I get home. *does the happy dance*
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Well that was weird. I'm not quite sure how it happened. All I know is, I was browsing amazon.de to find the name of a CD my sister was looking for.
So you know how it shows you your recommendations from time to time on the left site of the page while surfing around?! Anyway, it showed me the 'Die Hard 3' DVD and I clicked on it. Don't ask me why, it was more like a reflex.
After that everything is like a big blurry cloud to me. All I know is that I just ordered all 3 'die hard' movies even though I promised myself not to *headdesk* But hey, at least I got them a little bit cheaper cuz I still had the gift certificate [livejournal.com profile] stoffel gave me for my B-Day.
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[Poll #565281]
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I was so depressed about my new uni-schedule that my Mom just bought me a DVD to cheer me up. So now I'm the proud owner of "Once Upon a Time in America" *jumps up and down*


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