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Jul. 18th, 2005 07:12 pm
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Weehee! Had my last exam today and now I won't have to study or go back to university until October! This is freakin' awesome. I still can't believe it!
And now I'm sitting here in my room in my parents house, just had dinner with my family, already played with my dog Sam and I'm as happy as I haven't been for weeks. :-D

As for the exam I had this morning, I think it went ok. I didn't know all the answers but I wrote SO much. 8(!) pages on checkered paper, no sentences just phrases! My hand hurt so bad afterwards and I did know a lot more, just didn't have the time to write it all down. The prof really asked too many questions. I don't think there was anybody who finished on time. Anyway, it would really piss me off immensly if I failed that one! I do have a better feeling than I had after my chemistry test though.

Oh, look what I bought myself today! )

And before I forget: Happy B-Day [ profile] elfbert
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I'm packed and ready to drive home to my parents tomorrow. Weehee! I see a great summer full of prop replicating, working out, relaxing and sleeping coming up. ::grins like mad::

Wasn't there something else? Oh yeah right, the stupid exam. Damn. I'm writing biology tomorrow at 9am. Haven't studied at all today and only 30min yesterday. I'm so lazy and no one is here to give me a kick in the butt...

On a different note, I'm thinking about getting some new inline skates. Mine are really really really old and don't even have a break anymore. I disassembled them a few years ago and my Dad threw them away not knowing what they were *argh*
So I'll check the store tomorrow and see if I can find a good pair under 50 bucks. If I can't I'll check ebay. Either way, I can't spend more than 50 euros right now.
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OK, I'm back from my exam. Thanks to everybody who wished me luck. I don't know yet if it worked though :-/
There were a lot of questions I didn't know because I assumed we wouldn't have to study some numbers, which are needed to draw conclusion about redox reactions. The prof told us we'd get a chart with those numbers. Well, we didn't. Asshole!
You could get 60 points and I need 30 to pass. I counted the points from the questions I think I should have correct and came to 35 points. So it could be very close. I'll know for sure in a few weeks.

What pisses me off most is the fact that I have to keep on studying this week too, for the human biology exam which I have to take next Monday :-/
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I'm leaving now to take my chemistry exam. GAH! Wish me luck!


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