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...so I changed my hair color. Looks kinda orange.... hmmmm....weird....oh well....

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oh dude

Oct. 24th, 2004 07:09 pm
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Since I am a poor student and wanted to save some money, I asked my Mom to cut my hair. Well, (lets see if I can get a movie quote in here *g*) I chose....poorly.
She kinda used the wrong setting on the shaving machine and now I've got a nice little pattern on the back of my head. *argh*

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Aug. 11th, 2004 02:35 pm
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mot much going on today. Went to get a haircut this morning. That's the only part I hate about my short hair. You need to get it cut every 6 weeks. Oh well....
And now I feel just blah. No sun today, which really sucks. Everybody complained about the heat but me. I liked it. I want my sun back! *angry*
Guess I'm just gonna continue working on my Indiana Jones Grail diary prop.
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.....enter the USA like this?! *g*

hehe, sorry, I'm still experimenting with my new haircut.

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..... hair wax, cause when I get up in the morning, my hair still looks the same way it was when I went to bed. *confused*

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All righty everybody. Don't be shocked. It's still me! Even though my Dad didn't recognize me when he picked me up from the barber. *giggles*

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a new hairstyle.
I wanna try something else, preferable something short 'cause I hate the fact it always takes so lang to dry when I washed it.
I was thinking about going to graduation (june 25) the way I am now, and then go to get a haircut right away the next morning. That way I could shock everbody at prom (june 26) *evil grin*

Soooooo, let me hear your opinions!!! Anybody think a Connor-like haircut would suit me? *g*


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