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I'M BACK!!!!!

OMG, I can't believe I just got back from watching Indy IV! It was so surreal, to sit there in the theatre when the familar "Lucasfilm" logo came on!
I won't spoil, so I'll only say that much: F**K THE CRITICS! I thought it rocked!
And if Lucas and Co. would like to make another one, well, they surely have my blessing.

I can understand if some fans (especially hardcore Raiders fans) don't like it because some scenes are really, and I mean REALLY, over the top. (you'll know when you see them!)
But hey, it's a freakin' movie! No documentary!
Oh and it's funny! Trust me! It's all the way up there with "Last Crusade"!
Indy and Marion have great dialog! They gotta be my new OTP!
The story was actually custom made for me. A perfect mix of my favorite fandoms, so to speak. Again, you'll know what I mean when you see it yourself!

Oh, and never before in my life did I experience this: EVERYBODY stayed in their seats until the credits were over! :-o

And after the movie, while I waited in line to purchase a menu (beer and popcorn for 6,40 €) because I really really had to have the plastic Indy drinking cup that came with it, some woman came up to me and the two guys I was with. She introduced herself as an employee for Lucasfilm and aksed us if she could take a picture of us in our gear.... and with the Indy sticker book I had just bought. haha! She said the guys (Lucas?) would get a kick out of it. *lol* Uncle George himself wasn't there though, only some lawyers of Lucasfilm.

That's all I can remember right now. I'm still too hyped up to even think straight, let alone sleep. I wish the DVDs would come out immediately!
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tickets: check
money: check
fedora: check
grin on my face: check

All righty, I think I'm ready to leave......
You should hear from me again in a few hours. If you don't.... well, I guess that would mean I jumped off a bridge because the movie sucked ;-)
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I have to stop reading all those reviews, coming in from the Cannes premiere. Bad reviews make me really sad. :-(
Especially the one saying: "One cinemagoer leaving the first press screening in Cannes said: "George Lucas, you gotta stop hurting us"." *ouch*
Well, only 3 more days and I'll find out myself. I don't really expect it to top the previous 3 movies because they are hard to top. As long as it doesn't turn out to be another Phantom Menace...
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I cannot believe may 22 is almost here (or may 21. for that matter, as I'll be going to a pre-screening)
Time surely flies.

people were looking weird at me when I took that pic. WTF?! I feel like I'm breaking any social rules, wearing a hat. I didn't get any looks or stupid comments in Texas... :-/

and now I'm off to uni (toxicology lab practice *ugh*)
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I just watched the second INDY IV trailer. I'm actually shivering with anticipation. Only 3 (!) more weeks!!!! :-D
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I just got back from the movies and on my way to the restrooms, I found this:

and my eyes usually don't look that spooky. I had to apply some quick red-eye removal thingy.
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New INDY IV poster:

and OMG! I'm so gonna get this. I don't know anybody who enjoys playing Monopoly though. :-/
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Oh, and if you guys haven't seen the INDY IV teaser yet (WTF is wrong with you?!), here it is:
Isn't it totally awesome?!

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I've seen the teaser! I did, I did, I did! It was only a bootleg version, and I'm gonna wait a few more hours until they put up the official HD version over at indianajones.com, but OMG!!!!!! My heartrate is up to 180!!! I'm dying here. I so cannot wait any longer until may! It was so awesome! I'm totally hyper. I can't stop squeeing. ahhhhhh!
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today is tuesday, right? ..... so.... only 2 more days until they'll release the first Indy IV trailer!  Does having a heartrate of 130 bpm mean that I'm excited? *goes to take some more valerian pills*
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you know, I hate icecream......will that stop me from buying these when they come out? No way!

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I haven't decided to either laugh or cry about the fact that everything points to aliens in Indy IV.
I mean, I like alien stories.... I'm just not sure, if I'd like Indy to go search for little green men...
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is it May already?

BTW, how come that whenever I have people in my flat (mechanics, landlord, the janitor....) they just don't wanna leave again?? This morning, some guy came by to inspect the heating system in my apartment, and he stayed for almost 30 minutes because I wanted to check out all my action figures and pictures and merchandise... :-o
I should start asking for an entrance fee one of those days.
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yes, it's christmas. At least for me. Just got a package from the states!
Everybody say AWWWW!

And before you ask:
1. yes, I do play with him
2. yes, I am 23 years old
3. no, it's NOT a doll!

(flashlight sucks)

oh, and did I mention that Dr. Pepper is in one the fun as well? Guess what I'm gonna start drinking as soon as those bottles are released?! hehe
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oh boy. first official teaser poster!
*shivers in anticipation*

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muhahaha! I can't stand this anymore. It's getting better and better!

click me for more )
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I'm a sucker for cereals anyway and those will SO be on my shopping list next year! Almost too cool to eat! can you feel the Indy hype yet?!

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!! I'm all shaky and goosebumpy!
3 new Indy IV pictures made it online! I just screamed my lungs out. If a few simple pictures can to that to me, you better make sure NOT to sit next to me next mai!

Now, anybody still think he's too old to pull it of?!

2 more under the cut )
I expect all of you to check them out!!!!
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wow, today is the last day of shooting for Indy IV. I can't believe they are already done. Time flies........ and I still don't have my gear complete for the premiere next may. GAH!

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
Looks at those:

not out yet, but in a few months. I will SO start playing with LEGO again. Yeah!


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