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Tom Greene - writer and producers of many season 2 Knight Rider eps:

" There are certain scenes in  'Knightmares' which would lend themselves to being interpreted as gay. The two that come to mind are when Michael says to KITT: 'You're hot!' after he presses the turbo boost button, and one where KITT tells him to 'put it into my chemical analyzer'. I'm still amazed we got that past the network censors!"
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ROFL sometimes the German dubbed version of Knight Rider is even more slashy than the original.

Bonnie to Michael:

"Aber sorg dich nicht. Es haben schon viele an KITT gearbeitet, auch unten drunter."
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Uhm...... I got something else in the mail today...... I must have been drunk sometime last week because I can't remember placing a bid on it. Well actually, I do, but I obviously tried to erase that out of my mind.
To my defence, I wanna say that it was very late and I had way too much coke in my system. Yes, let's always blame everything on that bad bad coke!

But OMG he's so nice and sleek and shiny! And he's got working lights, and he does that awesome scanner sound and he even talks: "I am KITT, who you may regard as the voice of the Knight 2000"
Muhahaha! This is so great!
Yes, I know I am 22 years old! My Dad just made sure to remind me of that. Shut up!

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Aww, I just watched 2 eps of Knight Rider on my Dad's big Plasma TV. To say it with Kitt's words: "It's good to be back!"
Oh and I really dig Michaels hairdo in season 4. It's not so 70's looking.
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I dunno if I should cry or be happy now.
I just got an email from amazon, telling me that my Knight Reader Season 4 DVDs were shipped..... YEAH...... but then I realised I gave them the wrong shipping adress. It's gonna end up at my parents place! NO NO NO NO NO! I won't be there until next week! I was so looking forward to finally watch some KR again this weekend *cries*
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Like I didn't know already....

David Hasselhoff Says "Knight Rider" Car Was Gay

October 6, 2006 6:23 a.m. EST

Maira Oliveira - All Headline News Reporter

Dublin, Ireland (BANG) - Everybody's favorite 1980s TV car had a secret of his own that hasn't been publicly revealed until now. David Hasselhoff - Mr. Gayness himself - recently exposed the truth and revealed to a number of stunned fans in Ireland that his talking "Knight Rider" car was gay.

The actor - who is in Britain promoting his autobiography, a movie and a new single - shocked students when he came out with the comment about Kitt during an appearance at Trinity College in Dublin.

He said, "We have some fairly X-rated outtakes on 'Knight Rider.' Kitt was constantly asking, 'Do you want me to take you home Michael?' in that very camp voice of his."

source: allheadlinenews.com

@ [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse
you can be proud of me! I just watched Last Crusade and I guess I'll give the German version of Raiders a try now, since it's on anyway.
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Argh! I knew I wouldn't make it! I just watched the last Knight Rider episode of season 3. Now I'll have to wait 16 freakin' days until season 4 comes out *headdesk*
What am I supposed to do tomorrow night? or the 15 nights after that? True, I could study.....nah!
I guess I will just have to get a hold of some of The Hoff's movies and watch those instead. Ha! Sounds like a plan! *laughs madly*
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episode: Ten Wheel Trouble

Michael is driving a truck and KITT is driving behind him.
Michael to KITT: "Hey you're hungry back there, partner? "
KITT: "Perhaps a little lonely, Michael. "

And now try to tell me again that the authors of the show didn't intend KITT to have a crush on Michael! He is constantly hitting on him!

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Trust me, you never ever wanna read a slash story about a masturbating car!!! I'm disturbed now.

EDIT: And I thought it couldn't get any worse...

"Kitt, if this is going to work, we are going to need some form of lubrication." The idea of trying it dry was not a pleasant one.
Kitt let a bit of oil drip out of the pipe near the sensor and Michael rubbed it sensually on himself,

*cracks up, falls off the chair and continues cracking up while rolling on the floor*
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And suddenly "I spent a lot of time working under KITT "  gets a whole new meaning..... *giggles madly*
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episode: Ring of fire
Michael calls Kitt 'Babe' ! Twice! He's never done that before! Usually it's 'buddy'  or just 'pal' . Come on now, can it get any more obvious?!
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OK, "soul survivor"  was definitely one of the slashiest eps so far. I bring you just one little quote. I've been to busy lmao to write down any more, even though there were bunches.
Michael to KITT: " What matters to me is who you are, not what you look like...... You are a lot more than silicon chips and fancy circuitry"
Everybody say: awwwwwwww!
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Forgive me for I have sinned.....
Since diving into the entertaining world of the Hoff through his Making Waves autobiography, I got used to read before going to bed.
So last night, I printed out the first best Knight Rider slash story I found. OMG! I laughed and actually cried while reading it! I tried to remind myself that it's about a guy and his freaking CAR!!! But geez, the story actually worked! I'd never thought that to be possible. ....... I am kinda scared to touch the gear shift the next time I'll have to drive though....
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So..... I'm done with Season 1..... and no freakin sight of season 2 yet! I swear I gotta shoot somebody or something if it's not in my mailbox by tomorrow night!

Anyway, watched the Knight Rider 2000 movie instead, which was on the season 1 DVDs as a bonus. I wish I hadn't. soooooooo bad!
First they put KITT in an old chevy and after drowning that one, into a red weird looking... well whatever.... car. And they killed of Devon Miles! WTF?! How could they?
But, it had a cameo of James Doohan and X-Files' very own Ass. Dir. Skinner aka Mitch Pileggi played the bad guy. Oh I love it when fandoms collide.

btw, need to make more Knight Rider icons.... is it weekend yet?
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Oh no, I just found out that season 4 of Knight Rider won't be released until Dec. 14!!!! Helllllloooooo?! That's over a month away? Considering that I should be done with season 1 by tomorrow or the day after that, (which means it took me about a week) and I'm gonna start season 2 and 3 right afterwards, I'm eventually gonna run on empty for at least 3 weeks!
Maybe I should just wait and not order season 2 and 3 right now, as I had planned to...... Or I order them, but only watch one episode a day..... Yeah, that would work.... I sound like a chain smoker who says he's only gonna smoke one cig a day from now on. Ain't gonna work, would it?
Or I order and watch season 2 and 3. Then get and watch the first 2 seasons of Baywatch, then watch season 4 of KR and continue with season 3 of Baywatch after that.... Nah, that's too confusing. I gotta finish one show first....
Ah I hate to make all those important desicions ;-)

EDIT: ok, season 2 is ordered. Oh I love amazon. I didn't order season 3 yet though. I'll order that one next week, simply because I like to get packages. HA
I won't have any money left for food now...oh well....
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Oh boy, you just HAVE to watch this! I'm dang serious! It's an order! If that won't make you LOL, then I don't know how to help you!
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I got the first season of Knight Rider on DVD. Ha ha, I wish I could spend the whole day in front of the TV. I almost forgot how much I used to love that show. It's just so hilarious.
hmmmm....I wonder if there's any K.I.T.T./Michael slash out there.... *argh*  I really shouldn't search for something like that, should I? *blush*

EDIT: ROFL!!! OMG I can't believe this! There really are slash stories! People are sick!!! *Goes off to join them*


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