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Yay it's Friday!
The exam went okay. I missed a few things, but I should still be fine.

What to do now?
I finished Hoff's book yesterday. I wish he would write another one. I don't even remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book. The last chapter was actually quite honest and sad, where he talked about his stay at the Betty Ford clinic, the relapse he had in 2004 and also his divorce. Pretty deep stuff for a chance...

Oh well, guess I'm gonna do some math now and then watch Knight Rider tonight.
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Another wonderful incident in the delusional world of the Hoff:

" In the hotel elevator, I spoke to a mother and her teenaged daughter.
' Nice to see you guys. '
 The daughter started freaking out.
  ' You're her favorite star, ' the mother said.
  ' Why, thank you. I've got to go to work right now, but if you write down your name and adress I'll leave you an autographed picture. '
 When I got back to LA, there was a letter from the mother saying,

                Thank you very much for the photographs. My daughter had attempted suicide that morning. She said she had nothing to live for. The only person in the world she believed in was you, David, and because you happened to be in that elevator and because you took a moment to say hello, you restored her self-esteem. She said, ' I will never try to kill myself again because I believe    that he was sent to me for a reason. '

  God does send angels and sometimes we are his angels "

Muhaha I love that book!

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He talks about the earthquake that hit LA in 1994 and destroyed his house in the middle of the night. He and his family just made it outside.

" The neighbours came over. One of them said, 'Have you turned off your gas?' I had a lighter and was about to flick it on.
 The guy said, 'There's gas everywhere - you'll be blown to bits.'
 'Oh, okay, I'm sorry - I'm an actor.'"

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See, it wasn't even poor Hoffy's fault that he never made it to stardom as a singer in the US. It's all the fault of bad bad O.J. Simpsons. Ha!

"I was determinded to get my singing career of the ground in the USA. The chance came when Jan McCormack received a call from an executive producer in NY offering me a concert in Pay-per-view to be televised at the Tramp Plaza. It would, I thought, establish me as a mainstream singer in front of a huge American audience. [....]
I bounded backstage to find Donald in my dressing room. I'd done a great show and wanted to hear the good news.
 'How did we do?'
 Donald pointed to the TV set. 'Take a look at our buddy.'
 'It's O.J. - he's running from the police.'
 'Tell me that isn't live!'
Donalds expression told me that it was. The slow-speed chase was the most widely watched event in American television history, bigger even than the moon landing. O.J. got 90 Mio viewers. I got 30,000. I had paid and nobody viewed. It cost us $1.5 Mio.

Awwwwww, poor poor Hoffy! *lol*
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Oh how I hate Wednesday. I just now got home after a long, cold (my toes are close to turn black!) and exhausting day including 5.5 (!) hours of math. Ugh! I'm never gonna pass math....

The only good thing today: my Knight Rider Season 2 DVDs are here! Weeha!
I'm pondering if I should start watching now, or rather study tonight because I have a written exam on Friday in my laboratory animal class......hm... ah wtf, I still have tomorrow to study! That's gotta be enough.

Oh and I really should have read the next chapter in Hoff's book BEFORE watching the Knight Rider 2000 movie last night because he said:
  "I threw it [the script] across the kitchen.
   Pamela said, 'What's wrong?'
  'You're not going to believe this - Michael Knight is washed up and living in the woods because he can't cope with life anymore. They've killed off Devon and handed the Foundation over to a girl - and the car is now red.'
  'What are you going to do?'
 'What choice do I have? I either play the part or they'll do it without me and say I'm dead.'

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Couldn't he let me know that before I wasted 90min on that crap? Tzz
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"...there was a knock on the door and a man introduced himself as the new neighbour who had just moved into the house next door.
 'I understand you're famous in Germany, ' he said.
 'Well, yes - hod did you know?'
 'There are Germans in my trees.' 

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And because it's so much fun, some more quotes about the Hoffs adventure to the third-world-nation named East-Germany:

" My first impression of East Germany was that I had gone from color to black and white."

"the reporter asked me for my impression of life in a Communist country. I looked outside and saw drably dressed passer-by muffled up against the easterly wind. It was a bleak depressing scene."

*cracks up*

about meeting two east-German girls: "I went back into East Berlin and gave each girl a copy of the Looking for Freedom album, with the comment, 'Here's a little taste of freedom.' They were so overwhelmed that they cried."

Yeah...... I'm not so sure that's the reason they cried.... *lol*

"I fell asleep on the tour bus, only to be shaken awake when we hit a series of potholes. We had reached East Germany."

Ok, now that one was actually funny because it's true *g*

"Maybe Looking for Freedom did have some influence on the Wall coming down."

Yeah, no comment. If you tell somebody something long enough, he's eventually gonna believe it...

And the last one for today, I promise! "Asked how he maintained his concentration to shoot so accurately, Dirk (Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks) replied, ' I sing David Hasselhoff's Looking for Freedom in my head.'  "

Wow thank you so much Hoff for bringing down the wall! We owe you our freedom! Finally, we won't have to walk along the cold b/w streets beeing drably dressed and depressed anymore! *lol*
Oh, I love this book. Haven't laughed that much while reading for a looooong time.

K.I.T.T. get me outa here!
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"I started talking to a female reporter.
 'You seem bored,' she said.
 'Yeah I am.'
 'What would you like to do?'
 'I'd like to take you out of here and have some fun.'
 'Let's go.'
 We drove to the nearest forest glade, where we steamed up the car.
When we got back to the party, looking guilty, everybody was furious that I'd disappeared - expect my parents; they'd understood.

Wow, wouldn't you all like to have parents like the Hoff? *rolls eyes*

"To change the subject, she said brightly: 'Are you still singing?'
Night Rocker album had sold about 7 copies in the USA.
 'My parents bought three copies' I said, 'and I bought three and some idiot bought one.'
 'It's number One in my country,' she said.
 'Where did you say you were from?'
 'Austria - cool. Where's Austria?'
 We found Austria on a map. It was about the size of Rhode Island.

And then a few pages frather on:

"And you had to love Austria. Everywhere we went the girls would strip off and get into the showers and saunas naked. It was only polite to join them - that was Austrian etiquette. We sometimes took two or three saunas a day; it was important for our health."

Yeah I imagine.....

about reading the script for the Baywatch pilot for the first time: " 'This is basically Knight Rider in a bathing suit. I don't wanna do it.' "
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I should honestly stop reading this book. It tells me things I never never never wanted to know about the Hoff:
"The sex thing was still bothering me, In church, I became aroused every time I kneeled down prior to taking communion."   Okay......


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