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so my mom knows. My sis couldn't keep her mouth shut. *argh* Pregnant sisters can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.
Anyway, so I talked to my Mom last night on the phone and she's like: "It's not really a tattoo is it? You didn't really do that did you? You're so gonna regret it later when you're married and have kids and wanna go out with your husband wearing a sleeveless dress!"
Now, stop right there please! Husband? kids? dress? AHHHH.... WTF does she expect from me! My sister is gonna give her a grandchild. That has to be enough for her, right?! And the last time I wore a skirt was when I came to school and only because I was just 7 years old back then and that woman forced me! I thought she'd know me better after 21 years.
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I wanted to write something but now I'm realizing that I've got nothing to tell really. Ha ha, ain't my life boring?!
Didn't do much today anyway. I just continued working on some diorama for my Indy model figure. It's gonna be pretty big actually and I dunno where I'm gonna put it. I'll need to buy another display case for sure, so if you wanna make a donation email me for my bank details. ;-) just kiddin'
I also installed Sims2 on my laptop. I bought the game a few months ago, but it didn't run on Grandpa (my PC that is). Didn't play yet though. Maybe tomorrow.

Damn, I just realize that I promised my Dad to stain some timber for him today. :-/
Guess I'll have go outside and do that now. At least it's not raining.

And then I'm going to take a bath and cuddle up in my bed to watch "Armageddon" cuz I bought the Special Edition DVD yesterday for only 8 bucks. Yeah yeah, I know most people hate the movie and Affleck does get on my nerves too. But I like Space Shuttles and asteroids and Bruce Willis anyway *drool*
And after that I'll watch THE FRIGHTENERS on TV because [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse promised it to be a good movie and if it isn't I'll make her responsible! ;-)

Oh I won 2 Euros this morning *giggles* It went like this: my neighbour had her B-day yesterday and me and my parents went over to her.
We got back around 1:30 this morning.
I went straight to my laptop to read my emails and stuff, but my Mom kept following me, talking weird stuff and touching my spikey hair all the time. She was SO boozy! It was the most hilarious thing ever. I couldn't stop laughing.
My Dad was no help either since he went straight to bed cuz he felt sick *lol*
Anyway, took me half an hour to get her out of my room. I told her she's gonna have such a hangover tomorrow, but she kept telling me she'll be up at 8am. So we made a bet and of course I won. I just wish I would have convinced her to put more money on it *g*
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so, the parents left again. My Mom commented on how clean my flat looks and my Dad said the cake tastes great. Can it get any better? Yes it can. They brought me all kinds of stuff: 100cm (!) long Spagetti and pesto from Italy; gingerbread and marzipan from Nuremberg, a T-Shirt, 'Mozartkugeln' from Salzburg...
And now I'm sitting here with my Gingerbread, it's 35°C outside and I feel like christmas *g*
Oh damn, and now I realize that I forgot to ask them if they'd took pictures of the cathedral in Venice as I told them to. You know, the cathedral we could see in 'Indiana Jones and the last crusade'?! Gotto ask them next week.
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....my sister when I need her? I have to clean my flat. My parents will be here around 2pm this afternoon. They're returning from their vacation in Italy and they'll drop by to take my suitcase and some other stuff with them which I'll need the next couple of weeks when I'm home. That way I won't have to carry so much stuff on Monday.
Anyway I should really start cleaning now or my Mom will get a heart attack. I'm currently baking a cake to soothe her mood though *g*

Oh did I mention that my airbrush pistol and my compressor got here yesterday? Did I even mention I ordered something like that? I guess not. Well anyway, I did. I'm planning on practicing with it this summer and then hopefully I'll be able to start my life-size Indy project in a few months. :-)
The whole thing weighs about 70pounds and the UPS-guy almost died since I'm living on the fifth floor. Oh and I haven't told my Dad yet that he'll need to carry the whole thing downstairs again to take it home with hime since I wanna work with it next week *g*


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