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and I'm too angry to write this all in English.
Ok, also ich hab auf meinem Laptop und meinem neuen PC window xp drauf. die gehen beide über einen Router ins netz (der laptop wireless) und sind über ein Netzwerk miteinander verbunden.
Ich will in dieses Netztwerk meinen alten PC (window 98) ran kriegen. Hab den also am Router angeschlossen und er geht auch ins Internet. Aber wie zur Hölle krieg ich den ins Netztwerk rein? Ich hab keene Ahnung wo ich was anklicken muss. Und meine Window 98 software CD hab ich auch nicht mehr, falls man die dafür braucht.
Also los, helft mir oder ich schmeiß dieses scheiß teil ausm Fenster. *argh*
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I established a network connection between my 2 PCs and my Laptop.
My old PC doesn't have a DVD drive. Is it possible to play a DVD on my newer PC or my Laptop, but watch it on the screen of my old PC?
Anybody know?
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...computer related question.
Ok, so I connected my PC and my W-Lan-Laptop with a router, so now I can go online with both at the same time. I'm using Outlook for my emails and have my account at web.de. What do I have to do that my emails are send to my Laptop as well as my PC? It's weird, I have outlook running on both but some mails get send to my Laptop and some to my PC.
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was muss ich machen damit ich den desktop verschieben kann? Also der is zu weit links, so dass ein bissel was von der Schrift abgeschnitten ist und rechts ist ein schwarzer Rand


Jul. 1st, 2005 04:25 pm
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...so good. I finally got my WLan thingy to work! he he, only took me a week *g*
Now I'm able to go online with my laptop and my PC at the same time. Weehee, all those possibilities....

need help

Jun. 26th, 2005 09:43 pm
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Does anybody know how to go online with this wireless Lan thingy?
I connected all the parts in the right way and it says that I am connected to the internet but my browser doesn't open any sites. Just giving me this "This page can't be displayed" crap. *argh* Why?
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...home at my parents place now and I finally got my own room again. My old room was renovated and is now my parents bedroom and I got their old bedroom, which is much smaller but looking great! They did an awesome job. The walls are a bright green and ceiling and door are yellow. All I have to do is get some posters on the wall, hopefully tomorrow or saturday. Gonna try to post some pics then to show off my nice green room *g*
Oh and you won't believe it but my parents really went ahead and got DSL including a flatrate!!!! YEAH! This is so freakin' awesome! I'm sure I'll visit them much more now since I won't get any withdrawal symptoms anymore. Oh, and they even have W-Lan! I love it! :-)

The computer guy called today concerning my PC and it seems that all my data is still there! Weehee! I'm so relieved. He had to change the power supply unit and the mainboard, remove a whole bunch of trojan horses and reinstall Windows and all the drivers. I also told him to build in another 200GB hard drive while he's at it...not that I have the money....oh well....I hope I'll get some for my B-Day to pay him.


Nov. 10th, 2004 10:51 pm
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duh, my butt hurts but I finally got it. Been sitting here since 4pm. Boy, 7 hours :-O
Oh well, doesn't matter. I finally figured out how to make VCDs out of my Video tapes. WEEEHEEEEEE...... all those possibilities *g*
So tomorrow, I'm gonna digitalize "Frisco Kid" and then I'll be able to make screenshots. WEEEEEHEEEEEE again....

need help

Nov. 8th, 2004 04:26 pm
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Is there an inexpensive way to make screenshot of a VHS movie? Can I connect my VCR to my computer somehow without having to buy all kinds of technical equipment??

need help

Oct. 22nd, 2004 08:17 am
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When I start my computer, a whole bunch of programs start running too, Kaazaa for instance, even though I don't want them too.
Does anybody know in which folder I have to go in order to delete them? They drive me crazy. :-(

BTW, skipping university today. Don't feel like doing math at all and I still have so much to do in my flat.
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....until the computer-guy comes by to disassemble my PC *cry*.
Then I'm moving tomorrow morning and I should be back online next Monday, if the Telekom didn't mess up and if I'm smart enough to set everything up. keep your fingers crossed for me!!! :-)


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