math sucks

Dec. 10th, 2004 03:24 pm
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I'm just too stupid for math. I'm pretty sure I failed my test today since I only did half of the questions at all. And of those I did do there'll probably only be a few that are correct.... ::headdesk::


Dec. 5th, 2004 02:06 pm
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my sister left today, and my flat is already starting to get messy again :-/
As if that wouldn't be enough, I have this stupid math test coming up next friday and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail cuz I really suck at math and we're not even allowed to use a calculator. I'm sitting in the same course like those students who wanna get a degree in math which is just ridiculous. I'm never gonna need that stuff again. >:-/

need help

Oct. 22nd, 2004 08:17 am
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When I start my computer, a whole bunch of programs start running too, Kaazaa for instance, even though I don't want them too.
Does anybody know in which folder I have to go in order to delete them? They drive me crazy. :-(

BTW, skipping university today. Don't feel like doing math at all and I still have so much to do in my flat.
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My parents just got here today ans they'll stay till Saturday to help me with some things that still have to be done in my apartment. We already went to IKEA again this afternoon. Therefore I'm really broke again ::rolls eyes::
as I said last night, I didn't understand a word the prof told us today in inorganic chemistry. I'm so gonna fail that exam ::headdesk::
that's about it for today. Nothing else happened, besides a weird bus driver who was screaming at an old grandma this morning because it took her so long to get into the bus *lol*
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I just got home and all I can say is: I want vacation! Right now!
I've got a major headache. I'm totally confused and not sure anymore that I chose the right field of study. To much chemistry.....
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I'm back home and it was easier than I had expected. Okay, I have to admit that I didn't find the right room at first, but after asking 2 people, I finally got there.
Not much was going on today. First, the counselor told us all kinds of stuff about the course and then some older students showed us the campus. The same unimportant stuff will continue tomorrow and Wednesday, and I'll be off Thursday and Friday until the "real" lectures start next Monday.
Oh yeah, and they told us that only 30 students were accepted for this quote: "really difficult course" (::rolls eyes:: swell), out of over 800 who applied :-o
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I spend the last few hours trying to figure out my timetable for Potsdam. This is all so confusing.
Wednesday for instance, I'm supposed to have informatics till 4pm and then Physics starting at 4:15. Wouldn't be a problem if the computer lap wouldn't be all the way in east Potsdam while Pysics is taught all the way in west Potsdam. My parents say there is no way to make it in 15 minutes. Great! Where are transporters if you need them?!

Monday is gonna suck to. My last class will finish at 6:45 *hmpf*
Tuesday is gonna be my favorite day though. Just one class (inorganic chemistry) from 9:15 till 10:45 am. :-)
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I got my stuff for univerity yesterday. Had to pay 250 Euros enrollment fees right away. *angry*
Well anyway, I have to be in House 25 on October 4th at 10:00am. Ok, would have been nice if they'd put a map in the little booklet. How the hell am I supposed to find it? This whole univerity district is huge and scattered all over the city. Oh boy, I'm gonna get lost I betcha.

I got.....

Aug. 22nd, 2004 09:48 am
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accepted in Potsdam. Which means I'm gonna get my own apartment this September and start university in October. *jumping up and down*


Jun. 27th, 2004 11:13 am
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prom was really neat last night. They put up a nice program, showing old pics and videos of us and the schoolband played, too.
Plus, I was able to shock everybody with my new haircut and my classteacher tousled my hair about 3 times. *g*

Got my....

Jun. 25th, 2004 10:34 pm
quantumgirl: (Default) report card a few hours ago. Afterwards, me and my family went to a chinese restaurant and now I'm so sleepy I could fall right on my keyboard. Will have another busy day tomorrow. I think I'm gonna cut my hair and then there's prom tomorrow night.... *yawn*

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....stupid! :-O I just can't smile on command. *g*
Anyway, they really put my picture on the front page. I thought they'd put it somewhere on the last page, in black and white maybe. :-/ I went to the gym and shopping today and so many people stared at me. Well, maybe I just imagined that, but since this is our only newspaper and almost everybody is reading it, I doubt it. he he, I'm famous! ;-)

If you wanna read the text, click here
I circled the stuff concerning me. sorry about the bad quality, but as I said before, my digicam doesn't do close ups. :-(


Jun. 17th, 2004 12:28 pm
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I don't believe this.
I just got a call from a woman working for our newspaper.
She asked me a whole bunch of questions and tomorrow they wanna take a picture of me because of my 1.0 abi. *shocked*

I always thought, if I'd ever get to be in a newspaper, it would read something like: "Girl arrested in mental home, for stalking and kidnapping famous actor" he he....
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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I'm finally done with all my exams.
First, I had to talk for 15min about agriculture in California (something about almonds) and afterwards I was asked questions about the tropical rainforrest. I made a few mistakes, so I didn't expect to get 14 ponits! :-O I'm still in shock *g* Well, either the teachers liked me a lot or my mom corrupted them ;-)
Anyway, because all the exams count 4 times as much as everthing else, I actually have an average of 1,0 now. :-O OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
Our school system is so fuckin' crazy. I mean, I didn't study much and I skipped school all the time. Weird!

Hey Captain stormy! Will I get a promotion now? ;-)
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Oh je, morgen hab ich meine letzte mündliche Prüfung. in Geo! Drückt mir mal alle die Daumen, ich hab nämlich nicht wirklich viel dafür gelernt *schäm* und in so Vorträgen war ich noch nie sehr gut. Da krieg ich immer nur Schweißausbrüche aber keinen Ton raus *g*


May. 27th, 2004 02:47 pm
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Man, I'm soooo bored right now. I only have 23% of Zero Hour yet and there are still about 12 hour to go. I don't understand why my download speed doesn't get better than 5 kb/s. :( I'm not gonna read any spoilers though!
Actually, I should study for my geograpy exam, but I fell asleep when I tried it this morning. *yawn*
Oh by the way, I just found out that my "Romance Romance" CD doesn't work anymore. I always thought cd's would live forever. :-O So if anybody of you could make me a copy, I'd be more than thankful!!!!!


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