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wanna hear about my fun night and day? No? Well too bad, because I will tell you anyway:

So yesterday, I took the train to Potsdam to get a good nights sleep before the math exam today.
I planned to eat some dinner and go to bed right afterwards.
While eating dinner my intestines started making funny noises, which in itself ain't that unusual for me because I have this lactose intolerance thingy going on.
Anyway, it got worse and I got this bad bad bad diarrhea. Probably lost about 1 l of fluids, if not more. Therefore, my blood pressure went down the dodo, and I got a high fever and chills as well. I couldn't drink anything though, without having to run to the bathroom again just a few minutes later.
When I couldn't stand the pain anymore and was close to passing out, I called my parents in the middle of the night, who in turn called 911. So an emergency doc came by, took my blood pressure, which was down to 82/40 something and insisted on taking me to the ER, where I spent the night, getting infusions and blood samples taken.
Around 5am, they finally found a free bed for me and took me upstairs. They actually wanted to keep me there for a few days, but my parents, who had made it all the way to Potsdam by then, persuated them to let me go.
So I made it to my math exam on time, with NO sleep whatsoever. So if I fail, at least I'll have an excuse. I hope I passed though. There were 7 problems to solve. I did 6 of them, but I'm not sure if I did them correctly. I just hope I somehow reached the 50% mark. I don't wanna have to go through this crap again.

So yeah, how has you day been?
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Ha, von wegen Tempo ist "durchschnupfsicher"!  YUCKY
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I think I feel even worse today than yesterday. *cry*
What pisses me of most about it is the fact that this is my last week of vacation. I wanna go up and do things I won't have time for once my classes start again next week. Not fair!
Instead I'm lying on the couch, sleeping or watching X-Files. I actually watched 12 season5 episodes last night in a row. How pathetic is that?!
Damn, and I just now realized that I need to get dressed to walk to the store to get some more kleenex and meds. *argh*
I wish I'd be home in Stralsund right now. My Mom always knew how to make me feel better when I'm sick. (and she'd go to the store for me)
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Ah fuck I'm sick. And I felt so good the last few days after my sore troath was gone, but now my nose is all stuffed up, my head hurts like hell (btw, is there a maximum amount of asperin you're allowed to take per day?), my eyes are burning (which means I can't wear my contacts) and I'm just feeling shitty overall. :-(

Anyway, I just got back from Berlin where I visited my brother.
Now my sis and her boyfriend left again and I'm all alone for the first time in months. Feels kinda weird. :-/ I'm propably not gonna be able to make it home before christmas. Train tickets are expensive, but my parents might come down again sometime in November.

I should propably make myself comfy on the couch now and watch a few DVDs. I think I'm running a slight fever. I can still clean up sometime next week, right. :-/
You know what pisses me off most?! That again, I won't be able to go to the gym because of this stupid cold! I miss working out so much. *cry*


Oct. 3rd, 2005 06:25 pm
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well I'm back home at my parents place after spending the whole day in the train beeing surrounded my crying babies and many many toddlers. Geez, I really need to get a car!
I miss [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse and [livejournal.com profile] sam80853 already. *hugs them both* Thanks [livejournal.com profile] stormyouse for your hospitality!

On a site note: I can't work with the Internet Explorer anymore after using Firefox for more than 2 weeks. *argh* Great [livejournal.com profile] stormyouse! Now I'll have to change my browser!

Besides that I'm getting a cold. again! my throat hurts like hell and my nose starts running as well. This sucks so bad cuz it means I won't be able to start my workout plan again tomorrow. I just hope I won't get a fever as I usually do. :-(
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My tummy hurts. I need some sympathy! I think the fish I had for lunch was bad since the expiration date said June 22th. :-/
Gonna watch some Indy movie now to make me feel better.


Nov. 10th, 2004 05:44 pm
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My nose is blocked up and 3 seconds after sniffing, it's full of nasty yellow slime again. I can't breathe and my chocolate Santa tastes like nothing. Plus, I should be out of kleenex in a few hours....


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