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Ohhh, this makes me feel all fuzzy! I think I've found a new favorite slash pairing. Yay!
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Tom Greene - writer and producers of many season 2 Knight Rider eps:

" There are certain scenes in  'Knightmares' which would lend themselves to being interpreted as gay. The two that come to mind are when Michael says to KITT: 'You're hot!' after he presses the turbo boost button, and one where KITT tells him to 'put it into my chemical analyzer'. I'm still amazed we got that past the network censors!"
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episode: Ten Wheel Trouble

Michael is driving a truck and KITT is driving behind him.
Michael to KITT: "Hey you're hungry back there, partner? "
KITT: "Perhaps a little lonely, Michael. "

And now try to tell me again that the authors of the show didn't intend KITT to have a crush on Michael! He is constantly hitting on him!

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Trust me, you never ever wanna read a slash story about a masturbating car!!! I'm disturbed now.

EDIT: And I thought it couldn't get any worse...

"Kitt, if this is going to work, we are going to need some form of lubrication." The idea of trying it dry was not a pleasant one.
Kitt let a bit of oil drip out of the pipe near the sensor and Michael rubbed it sensually on himself,

*cracks up, falls off the chair and continues cracking up while rolling on the floor*
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And suddenly "I spent a lot of time working under KITT "  gets a whole new meaning..... *giggles madly*
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episode: Ring of fire
Michael calls Kitt 'Babe' ! Twice! He's never done that before! Usually it's 'buddy'  or just 'pal' . Come on now, can it get any more obvious?!
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OK, "soul survivor"  was definitely one of the slashiest eps so far. I bring you just one little quote. I've been to busy lmao to write down any more, even though there were bunches.
Michael to KITT: " What matters to me is who you are, not what you look like...... You are a lot more than silicon chips and fancy circuitry"
Everybody say: awwwwwwww!
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Forgive me for I have sinned.....
Since diving into the entertaining world of the Hoff through his Making Waves autobiography, I got used to read before going to bed.
So last night, I printed out the first best Knight Rider slash story I found. OMG! I laughed and actually cried while reading it! I tried to remind myself that it's about a guy and his freaking CAR!!! But geez, the story actually worked! I'd never thought that to be possible. ....... I am kinda scared to touch the gear shift the next time I'll have to drive though....
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Oh boy, you just HAVE to watch this! I'm dang serious! It's an order! If that won't make you LOL, then I don't know how to help you!
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Julian Clover about 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade': "I'm convinced it is the best one. It's a love story between two men."

hehe, sorry but my slash infected mind finds that incredibly funny!
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Ok, so I bought season 1 of "The Sentinel" on DVD and watched it the last couple of days.
I used to love that show and didn't miss one episode when it was on TV in the 90s, but I had never realized just how slashy that show is :-o
OMG, I want season 2 NOW! But it's not out yet. *argh* I need to find some slash!
.... hey, that reminds me that I actually have four Indiana Jones/Sentinel crossovers saved on my laptop harddrive somewhere...... wel....see u all later, gotta go hehe...
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..... if I'm the only sane person around here.
I finally fell asleap around 5am this morning (note to brain: don't drink 1 litre of Pepsi!) but was woken up again 30 min later because stupid next door neighbour had a party going on with his freakin' techno music cranked up really really incredibly loud.
Grumpy old guy living under me was already complaining and screaming like hell. 30 minutes later, nothing had changed and I was just about to open my door to ring next door and ask him to please turn down the volume, in my natural polite way of course ;-)
Anyway, when I opened my door, grumpy old guy was just coming upstairs, banging against next door neighbours door, who was explaining to us that we should be doing the very same thing because it's 'love parade'. As far as I know, love parade is in Berlin and not in a freakin small apartment complex with walls as thin as Swedish Smörebröd.
It was quite funny actually, the two were almost fighting each other. Then old guy left again, stupid next door guy closed his door and the party was going on. I went back to bed, trying to sleep, which of course didn't work. 30 minutes later the cops came by. hehe.... Now it's finally quiet and I could try to sleep but it's all light outside now and I just can't anymore even though I'm tired. I dunno how to survive the day....

But as a little compensation, I got to satisfy my slash fetish because when the cops left (and this is so great about doors with spyholes) stupid next door guy kissed passionatly with another guy in front of his door. Guh!
What disturbes me is the fact that just a few days agao when I was coming home from school, stupid next door guy was waiting for me in front of my door (which totally creaped me out and I almost turned around), asking all kinds of questions about me, telling me that I could ring at his door whenever I'm bored..... whatever that was supposed to me. hm... maybe I do send out some signals, which I really don't wanna send out.
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It's raining outside and therefore I can't airbrush today :-(

That's why I'm reading that very special Indy/Henry story again. *twisted laugh*


Jun. 21st, 2005 07:40 am
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Oh boy, I thought I'd given up on that pairing years ago, but I have to confess: I read Sam/AL slash last night until 1 am *blush*
And I enjoyed it so much (hey, that was my first pairing ever! where it all started!) that I think I'm gonna read another one before breakfast.
Probably because I watched and capped the whole Season 1 last week. And you know what, it's actually not that weird anymore. All you have to do is concentrate on Sam's body during the NC-17 scenes, not Als *g*
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I couldn't find anymore Indy slash *cry* Can't somebody of you talented people out there write some *wink*
Well anyway, because of that I was practically forced to turn to something else and since I wanted one of Harrisons characters to be involved, I spend the last 4 hours reading Han/Luke stories. It's kinda weird 'cause I wouldn't consider Like to be very attractive, but you kinda get used to it and if there's nothing else to read.....


Sep. 12th, 2004 06:59 am
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maybe the IQ test didn't work at all and I am stupid? I'm still sitting at the same spot I sat 5 (!) hours ago. It's 7am and I haven't slept. I doubt I'd be able to sleep now anyway after THAT!
I just finished the Indy/Henry story. Yeah, it was one loooooooooong story, stretching over 8 years of their lives. I didn't know what to think about it at first. I mean, I had my doubts about such a difficult pairing, but so had Henry and Indy in the story and the author tried to explain really well, why they did what they did.
Also, it wasn't just some dumb fiction without any content. Actually, there was only one really short NC-17 scene in it.
And even though I would have liked it better if Henry wouldn't be Indys father, I must admit: I enjoyed the story.
Having said that (and hoping that wasn't an illigal thing to say ;-) ), I'll now retreat, close my blinds and try to get at least 2 hours of sleep. But I won't, and can't, promise that this was my last Henry/Indy story. If anybody of you can tell me another Slash pairing including Indy that is NOT a crossover (tried an Indy/Sentinel story and it just sucked), please do so. ('cause I DO feel kinda dirty and sick right now!)


Sep. 11th, 2004 06:14 pm
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Would somebody please be so kind and shoot me, or at least call the guys with the strait jackets!
I can't believe what I'm doing here. Just last night I said I wouldn't read any Indy Slash stories, just regular FF and now I'm doing it. Ok, you might say that's all right, but now it comes: It's Indy/Henry :-O This is SOOOOOO sick....but I'm actually enjoying it. Oh boy, if there is a god, he'll send me to hell....


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