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say hello to my hand!

you know, today was supposed to be my day off, after having worked on my power point presentation for uni all weekend. I had big plans. Drilling some holes into the wall to put up some picture frames, continue working on my styrofoam wall, painting my living room ceiling..... until my finger had a date with this huge bread knife. (an x-mas present from my mom btw.... I'll have to talk to her about that)
So I stuck my finger into my mouth, tried to put on some shoes (all the while spilling blood everywhere) and ran to the doc (who is located only two streets from here).
First, they wanted to send me away again, telling me I'd have to go to a surgeon instead, but after screaming at the lady at the front desk, that I don't have a freaking car and don't know anybody here who does, she let me see the doc. I think all that blood running down my arm helped ;-p
End of story: the cut was glued and I got this damn bandage, which basically ruins my whole day, as I can't do anything with it. (Typing with only 9 fingers is really odd too)
It's hurting really bad. I've cut myself so many times in my life, but this time, I could swear I saw the bone before the blood started coming out :-o
And now excuse me while I go and clean up all that blood on my floor.
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Uhm...... I got something else in the mail today...... I must have been drunk sometime last week because I can't remember placing a bid on it. Well actually, I do, but I obviously tried to erase that out of my mind.
To my defence, I wanna say that it was very late and I had way too much coke in my system. Yes, let's always blame everything on that bad bad coke!

But OMG he's so nice and sleek and shiny! And he's got working lights, and he does that awesome scanner sound and he even talks: "I am KITT, who you may regard as the voice of the Knight 2000"
Muhahaha! This is so great!
Yes, I know I am 22 years old! My Dad just made sure to remind me of that. Shut up!

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been redecorating my door.... Gosh, he IS tall!
Muhahaha! I love the 80's!

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AHHHH, there is a freakin' crater in my finger! It kinda wanted to meet with the grinding machine....
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Do you sometimes have this very strong urge for chocolate? One that is so strong that it makes everything else seem unimportant and you can't think clearly again until you have some?
Well, I had such a moment right now, though not for chocolate but for INDIANA JONES. But I'm at my parents place right now and my DVDs are in Potsdam. So I drove to the store and bought the DVD pack for 37 bucks. Amazon has them for 29, but as I said, I couldn't think clearly. I had to have them now. So now I feel good again. Like a junky who finally got some drugs.
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Summer is not even over yet, but when I went grocery shopping today I realised that they are already selling christmas candy..... and now I feel so ashamed because I actually bought some gingerbread.. *g*
And now I'm sitting here in my shorts, the sun is shining on my face and I'm having a hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies....I'll just blame it on PMS ;-)
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[livejournal.com profile] sam80853 , [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse you won't believe this. I just ran over Paul and David with my chair. *headdesk* That CD must be cursed!
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Ah crap. I just took a bath and when I tried to pull out the plug it broke, meaning that this weird metal strap ripped off and now I can't get the plug out of the tub.
I don't feel like coping with it right now. I'll just leave the water in the tub for now. Maybe I can use it again tomorrow. haha. :-/


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