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OMG, there are actually Bill and Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) slash/ twincest storys out there. I wanna puke!
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stupid next door neighbour had a party again last night. Cops were here again. A few hours later, paramedics had to come because some guy was drunk and stoned and he tried to jump out the window. Geez, I'm surrounded by idiots!
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seeing smoke rise from a New York building makes my stomach twist and gives me goosebumps, even though it was "just" an accident. It proves that the air space above major cities still isn't secure enough and 9/11 could happen all over again anytime. *headdesk* I should just leave and find myself a deserted island... with Internet access of course ;-)

And the good news of today: We beat Slowakia 4:1. Great game! Well, not counting Lehmann's little mistake, but I forgive him. (I'd probably forgive him everything after I've seen his butt...)
BTW, I really love those red  long sleeve jerseys!
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..... if I'm the only sane person around here.
I finally fell asleap around 5am this morning (note to brain: don't drink 1 litre of Pepsi!) but was woken up again 30 min later because stupid next door neighbour had a party going on with his freakin' techno music cranked up really really incredibly loud.
Grumpy old guy living under me was already complaining and screaming like hell. 30 minutes later, nothing had changed and I was just about to open my door to ring next door and ask him to please turn down the volume, in my natural polite way of course ;-)
Anyway, when I opened my door, grumpy old guy was just coming upstairs, banging against next door neighbours door, who was explaining to us that we should be doing the very same thing because it's 'love parade'. As far as I know, love parade is in Berlin and not in a freakin small apartment complex with walls as thin as Swedish Smörebröd.
It was quite funny actually, the two were almost fighting each other. Then old guy left again, stupid next door guy closed his door and the party was going on. I went back to bed, trying to sleep, which of course didn't work. 30 minutes later the cops came by. hehe.... Now it's finally quiet and I could try to sleep but it's all light outside now and I just can't anymore even though I'm tired. I dunno how to survive the day....

But as a little compensation, I got to satisfy my slash fetish because when the cops left (and this is so great about doors with spyholes) stupid next door guy kissed passionatly with another guy in front of his door. Guh!
What disturbes me is the fact that just a few days agao when I was coming home from school, stupid next door guy was waiting for me in front of my door (which totally creaped me out and I almost turned around), asking all kinds of questions about me, telling me that I could ring at his door whenever I'm bored..... whatever that was supposed to me. hm... maybe I do send out some signals, which I really don't wanna send out.
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I'm about to puke!

Merkel and Bush

- It's my sisters B-day today and my parents won't be able to visit her because they closed off the only two roads leading to her house.
- People working downtown can't go to work today, shops and doctors offices had to stay closed. Nobody is gonna pay them for the money they are losing!
- people living downtown aren't allowed to leave their houses. They aren't even allowed to look outside the window! wtf?! there has to be some law against that! It's over 30°C outside and people have to leave all windows closed, and we don't have freakin air conditioning in Germany!
- Greenpeace people demonstrating against that creature are getting arrested.
- And last but not least, the whole thing will cost about 20 Mio bucks. And who will have to pay for that? I give you a hint, it's not the president....

and btw, if you see any pics of Bush shaking hands of Germans in Stralsund. Don't be misled! Those few people had the "luck" to be selected to be there! They include famous athletes from our region, politicians and so on. Regular people aren't allowed anywhere near him!
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what the heck is wrong with those TV people? They don't do their homework at all.
Ok, here's the thing: They just had this show on TV about the best action films of all time. Anyway, the Indy trilogy made the third place, which in itself is a big mistake.... but what was really not acceptable were the comments that were made:
"They had the choreography all planed out but then it was getting dark and Vic Armstrong suggested to just shoot the mother******" (about the famous scene in Raiders were Indy just shoots the Cairo swordsman) What the...?! 2 mistakes in one sentence. That wasn't the reason at all and if they'd just be doing some research, they would have known.
Also: "The first Indy movie hit theaters in 1984" Uhm, yeah right. where? In some litte unkown Asian country maybe.
Oh and why is it so hard for some Germans to pronounce 'Indiana'? He's NO freakin' 'Indianer'!

I'm in no way a nitpicker but things like that piss me off.
As does my stupid next door neighbor with his ghettoblaster and the old drunk screaming bastard living under me because I have to study. I should just put some tampons into my ears >:-/


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