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I'm in Texas! Yehaa! Trying to get used to that weird keyboard again. it's HOT! weheee, I love it! just hope the AC won't make me sick this time.
Flight was loooooong. Got to watch Spiderman 3 though and fell asleap watching Oceans 13. I suck! Oh, going through customs was no fun. I was picked out and they opened my suitcases and went trough all my stuff. Do I look like a terrorist or what? I mean, there were arabic guys and some mean looking folks in line as well, seriously, but they pick out a girl who doesn't look any older than 14?
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*jumps up and down* I did it!!!!! I bought a flight to Texas! So from Sept. 14 until Oct 12. I'll be in the state of my dream again. Yeha! Ok, that means I won't have any money for the next few months, but what the heck..... who needs food anyway? haha!
and now back to chemistry..... blah
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Well I am back home now! Anybody miss me? ;-)
My Dad picked me up from the airport after a very exhausting flight. I had to run with my heavy backback all the way from Terminal E to D in Paris.
Everybody who ever had to catch a connecting flight in Paris knows that this is abrox. a 40min walk. I managed it in 15min because I was running all the way. Why? Because my plane, coming from Houston, was late and when I got to Paris, my connecting flight was already boarding. Or at least that's what I thought at that moment.....
So there I am: tired, thursty (because of the new restrictions that don't allow you to carry liquids any longer) and I had to go pee so badly, running through Paris airport. People looking weired at me....
 I finally reached my gate just to find out that those who had already boarded were just leaving the plane again because of mechanical difficulties. So they shoved us all into a bus and took us to Terminal E (HELLO!? I JUST FREAKIN CAME FROM THERE!!!) where we boarded another plane and left almost 2 hours late. I never thought I could hold the pee for that long but I made it.... Go me!

And now I'm sitting here, with a whole bunch of coke Zero in my system so I won't fall asleap, enjoying high speed internet again. I still gotta unpack, and tomorrow I'm gonna see my counsellor and then my Dad will take me back home to Stralsund since uni doesn't start till October. Yeha! Though, I have to be back here next week for a day to take that stupid oral bio-chemistry exam *eek*

I can't believe how fast those 6 weeks past. The more time I spend in the States, the more I am sure that this is the place where I wanna be..... well besides that one big political issue, but next year is election year, isn't it?!

Oh btw, I could actually get a hold of the current EMPIRE issue at the airport that has INDY on the cover. WEEHEE! Paying more than 11 Euros for a magazine must be insane though.... oh well
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OK, I am packed and ready. Well not ready..... I wanna stay *cries* 
I can't stand the thought that it's gonna be years until I can try to move over here.
Oh well, gotta go to the post office now to check how heavy my suitcases are since they decreased the weight limit to only 50 pounds. It's ridiculous. My suitcases are half empty but already too heavy. *pout*
My flight leaves at 4pm and I'll be in Berlin on Sunday around lunch time. So I'll be online again Sunday night...with DSL! Woohoo!


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well I am back from our camping trip. Had a ball and didn't even get sunburned like evrybody else did because Germans are smart enough to use sunblocker....
Anyway, when we got home we found a nice little surprise waiting for us. Obviously, an airconditiong pipe had burst, the ceiling in the main bedroom got all wet and fell on the bed. So now there is a big whole in the ceiling, we had to tear out the carpet and put all the furniture in the back yard to dry... oh what fun..... Why do you Americans have to build your houses out of wood instead of stone?
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just a little update:
- went to see SUPERMAN! woohoo he's hot!
- went to see "Bodyworlds" (Koerperwelten) in Houston. That was so awesome. I wanted to go see it when it was still in Germany, but nobody wanted to join me. Totally worth it if you ask me! *uses Halley Joel Osmand voice*: I see dead people!

Today we're going to "Schlitterbahn", which is a water park thingy. Don't ask me why they chose a German name for it. Already looking forward to getting sunburned. *rolls eyes*
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just wanna let y'all know that the plane didn't crash ;-) trying to get used to the weird keyboard again. internet is sloooooowwwwww, so I won't be able to read everything. if there is something I really have to read, answer to this post please!
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all righty I'm out! Wish me luck that the plane doesn't crash! *eek*
Will try to get online again asap!
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The parents and the sis just left again. My flat is clean, my fridge is stocked up, some electrical problems in my kitchen are fixed...... Ha ha, I love it when they come and visit me *bg*

And OMG, we went to visit my bro today and prior to that we drove to the airport and ordered a ticket for me.
So on July 30 I'll be on my way to Houston and won't get back until Sept. 10! Weeheee!!!!!!

I'm also the proud owner of a freezer now. I bought fish sticks and fries and all kinds of frozen fruit and veggies. yummy!

My sis was pretty sick btw. She couldn't walk at all. Some kind of tissue damage because the baby grew so fast :-o
All right, that's it. I will never ever get pregnant!! *shiver*She looks really funny though. I've never seen such a tiny person with a belly like that *lol*
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weehee, just talked to my hostmom. They are all right and there was no damage to the house as well. This is great.
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What the hell is wrong with the weather theses days?! I tell you, all those hurricanes and stuff increase because of the way we treat this earth. We're gonna extinct ourselves one day!
My former hostfamily is gonna evacuate later tonight because of hurricane Rita. No mandatory evacuation (just a voluntary evacuation) of Deer Park has been ordered yet, but the area gets flooded easily (believe me, I've seen it more than once while I lived there).
Please keep your fingers crossed for them even though you don't know them.
I hope we won't get another "Katrina". This one affects me more personally cuz Texas is like a second home for me.


Aug. 4th, 2004 12:13 pm
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he he, my favorite pic: me and my hostdad....and his fake teeth *lol*


I am...

Aug. 1st, 2004 07:38 pm
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...back in good ol' boring Germany again. The flight was really exhausting. My butt is still hurting, so do my ears. They didn't hurt for 4 days and then this stupid air pressure in the plane messes everything up again. *angry* I just hope I won't need to go to the doctor again.
I'll try to post some pix whenever I find the time.

wanna stay

Jul. 31st, 2004 09:39 am
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packed again and ready to go to the airport. Oh well, not mentally ready of course. I wanna stay here. The second I left the plane, it just felt right. Like I belong here.... And I'm gonna freak out if we don't have sunshine when I arrive in germany!
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I just hate packing. Nothing seems to fit. I bought a whole bunch of stuff and am currently trying to squeeze everything in my two yellow suitcases. For example, I bought a plastic mustard and ketchup bottle to go into my kitchen (whenever I get my own apartment *g*) and I stuffed some of my dirty socks into it to save room. (so make sure you skip the mustard and ketchup if you'd ever visit me. *g*

Anyway, I already closed one bag which wasn't easy. [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse  where are you when I need you!!! You are a master in sitting on my suitcase in order to close it! ;-)

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Uih, I smell like fish. Just got back from deep sea fishing. I caught 5 little fish, but they were too small, so I threw them back. Named them Charlie - all of them *g*
We also saw some dolphins, which sometimes resemble sharks. no kiddin'. I was kinda scared at first.
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Just a few hours ago, I was bored to death 'cause everybody was in church and I had nothin' to do. the internet was slow bla bla bla.... well anyway, all of a sudden I heard this familar tune coming from the TV in the living room, so I was running to it to find out that "Raiders of the last ark" just started on UPN, so I watched it. Ah, I'll never ever get enough of Indiana Jones. Feelin' great now. :-)

I just ...

Jul. 25th, 2004 05:18 pm
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... came back from a Major Leahue Baseball Game. The Houston Astros played against the Milwaukee Brewers and our team won :-)
The atmosphere in the stadium was just awesome. When everybody (and I really mean everybody) got up, took their hat off and held it in front of their chest, singing the national anthem, a shiver ran down my spine.

Last night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe in Houston and you could think that I was working there. I had luck that nobody called me to take his order, 'cause I was wearing my San Fransisco Hard Rock Cafe Shirt and my hair was all spiked up. *g*

Otherwise, my ears are getting better but I'm still caughing like crazy. In fact, it's so bad that I woke up in the middle of a very very very pleasent dream last night because of it. I could still kick me in the ass for waking up. *argh*


Jul. 22nd, 2004 08:51 am
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My ears are killing me. Feels like I have a whole bunch of water in them so I can't hear very good. That wouldn't be so bad. What really pisses me off is the stinging and burning and this weird pressure inside my ear. I'm sure I had several middle ear infections as a little child, but I can't remember that it hurt so much.
I have this urge to push a giant Q-tip into my ears. :-(
The only pleasant moment I had yesterday, was watching Enterprise. "strategem" was on on UPN.
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... from the doctor's office. He said that I have a cold and the coughing affected my ears. *ouch* they really hurt and it feels like I have water in them. At least my lungs are clear.
Have to take pills which are really big. I tried to cut one in half, which was a bad idea 'cause it was so bitter I almost puked. In addition, those pills have a doping effect like caffeine, and those of you who know me know what even a tiny sip of coke does to me. *g*


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