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Jun. 22nd, 2007 05:48 pm
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Weehee! I passed my oral chemistry exam this morning! Can you believe it? Because I still can't! This means I won't have to study ANYTHING until classes start again in October! OCTOBER! OMG, more than 3 months of free time. I can meet friends, work out, play XBox360, watch all my shows, do totally nerdy things like reorganizing my LJ tags, work on my Indy props........ Oh boy, I'm so happy right now I need to hug somebody!
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Don't worry about me if I don't post for the next 3 weeks! If it takes longer than 3 weeks though, you should worry because it could mean that I failed my oral organic chemistry exam and jumped of a bridge ;-)
I expect you all to keep your fingers crossed for me on June 22, at 10am! I'm so scared already. I know next to nothing yet and this will be the hardest exam ever. Dang. My heartrate is up to 120....constantly..... even at night. I'm gonna get a heart attack soon....... bye for now, I have a date with esterification.
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Where have I been the last couple of days, you may wonder
Well, I studied, studied and then studied some more. Why? Because I had my oral genetics exam today....... and freakin' PASSED! Weeheeeeee! *jumps up and down*
So tomorrow I'll start with organic chemistry. It's never gonna end, is it? It's gonna take some months to prepare for that exam and that's the one I'm really really scared about because so many fellow students failed it.

What else? hm..... Oh, I got a new cell! Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot K800i! I absolutly love it! It has this great camera function going on (3.2 megapixel), mp3 player, video player....... *hugs it*
And I also bought Henry Maske's autobiography! Ohhhhhh...... I so love that man. I wanna pet him and lick off his sweat

....Trying to remember some other things that happend last week....hm.... oh yeah, I got my Laptop working again after reinstalling XP. Uih, it's fast again! I'm still busy reorganizing all my pictures and mp3's. That's gonna take weeks, since now that I have my external 320GB harddrive, I can finally get rid of all my space consuming CDs and put them on there. And as musch as I dislike Bill Gates, I absolutly dig Windows Media Player! Who would have thought that my favorite music genre seems to be Alternative Rock?! Interesting.

And before I leave to continue watching "Germany's Next Topmodel": anybody watching the current German Big Brother season? OMG, sooooo much better than last season! I love it and get really cranky when I can't watch..... like today, gotta catch the rerun tomorrow morning. I'm such a sucker for non-intelligent TV. Yeah!
I bet Michael is gonna win. Who wants to bet against it?
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AHHHHHHHH, I passed the freakin' math exam I took last Saturday! Weeheeeee!!!!!!!!! I need to hug someone!
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wanna hear about my fun night and day? No? Well too bad, because I will tell you anyway:

So yesterday, I took the train to Potsdam to get a good nights sleep before the math exam today.
I planned to eat some dinner and go to bed right afterwards.
While eating dinner my intestines started making funny noises, which in itself ain't that unusual for me because I have this lactose intolerance thingy going on.
Anyway, it got worse and I got this bad bad bad diarrhea. Probably lost about 1 l of fluids, if not more. Therefore, my blood pressure went down the dodo, and I got a high fever and chills as well. I couldn't drink anything though, without having to run to the bathroom again just a few minutes later.
When I couldn't stand the pain anymore and was close to passing out, I called my parents in the middle of the night, who in turn called 911. So an emergency doc came by, took my blood pressure, which was down to 82/40 something and insisted on taking me to the ER, where I spent the night, getting infusions and blood samples taken.
Around 5am, they finally found a free bed for me and took me upstairs. They actually wanted to keep me there for a few days, but my parents, who had made it all the way to Potsdam by then, persuated them to let me go.
So I made it to my math exam on time, with NO sleep whatsoever. So if I fail, at least I'll have an excuse. I hope I passed though. There were 7 problems to solve. I did 6 of them, but I'm not sure if I did them correctly. I just hope I somehow reached the 50% mark. I don't wanna have to go through this crap again.

So yeah, how has you day been?
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I just got up and I'm still tired.
I had this freakin' nightmare. I was sitting in class, writing my math exam.
I was trying to solve the first problem, but couldn't do it and all of a sudden, the two hours were over and I failed.... I'm so freakin' scarred of Saturday! Ahhhhhh
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UGGH! I hate profs who first tell you they'll put the test results on the black board on a certain date, and then they don't. Great. now I'll have to wait until Monday to see if I passed or not.
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I know I said so before but: I HATE multiple choice tests! I really do. *headdesk* I'm not certain if I made it. I'll get the result on Friday. So keep your fingers crossed!
And now I'll need to start studying for the next exam on Monday PLUS I'll need to clean my flat because some guy will come by tomorrow to (hopefully) repair my heater in the bedroom. It's freakin' 16°C in there! No fun!
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I got up today for nothing because when I got to university, we were told that all courses for the day would be cancelled! Why oh why can't they tell us stuff like that on Friday. *argh* Oh well, at least it will give me some time to watch Knight Rider work on my biotechnology paper.
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Yay it's Friday!
The exam went okay. I missed a few things, but I should still be fine.

What to do now?
I finished Hoff's book yesterday. I wish he would write another one. I don't even remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book. The last chapter was actually quite honest and sad, where he talked about his stay at the Betty Ford clinic, the relapse he had in 2004 and also his divorce. Pretty deep stuff for a chance...

Oh well, guess I'm gonna do some math now and then watch Knight Rider tonight.
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Oh how I hate Wednesday. I just now got home after a long, cold (my toes are close to turn black!) and exhausting day including 5.5 (!) hours of math. Ugh! I'm never gonna pass math....

The only good thing today: my Knight Rider Season 2 DVDs are here! Weeha!
I'm pondering if I should start watching now, or rather study tonight because I have a written exam on Friday in my laboratory animal class......hm... ah wtf, I still have tomorrow to study! That's gotta be enough.

Oh and I really should have read the next chapter in Hoff's book BEFORE watching the Knight Rider 2000 movie last night because he said:
  "I threw it [the script] across the kitchen.
   Pamela said, 'What's wrong?'
  'You're not going to believe this - Michael Knight is washed up and living in the woods because he can't cope with life anymore. They've killed off Devon and handed the Foundation over to a girl - and the car is now red.'
  'What are you going to do?'
 'What choice do I have? I either play the part or they'll do it without me and say I'm dead.'

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Couldn't he let me know that before I wasted 90min on that crap? Tzz
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*sniff* *cry* *headdesk*
Where did the last few months go? It just can't be over already. There's still so much stuff I wanna do... Gotta get up at 4am tomorrow, catch the train to Potsdam at 5am, to be at my first course of the new semester at 10:30. Thing is, I don't even know if I'm allowed to participate, since I'm still missing a few exams and tests and don't have my pre-degree yet. Yeah I suck.
So I'm basically gonna get up tomorrow/tonight with only 4 hours of sleep. Expect me to be really really pissed if the prof decides I made it all the way out there for nothing!
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I just spent 120 bucks on a calculator, (well actually my Mom did) hoping that I'll fianally pass my math course next semester. But since that babe came with a 300 page instruction booklet, I kinda doubt it. ha ha.

Oh btw, I'm sitting here eating a christmas stollen. I so win in life! ;-)
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Weehee! I made it. Passed my oral biochemistry exam. *bounces* And now I won't have to study AT ALL until the middle of october when the new semester will start. Wow, for a almost a year, there has always been something I had to study. So these next 3 and a half weeks will be great!
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Have to study.... only one more day..... *freakes out*
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Freck! they didn't ask the same questions *headdesk* Oh gosh, I hope I passed anyway. I wrote more than I did the last time, so it should work out..... I hope.

And now I need to wash clothes and clean my flat. BTW, any ideas how to get my clothes dry until tomorrow so that I can pack them?
I also need to reinstall a few things on my laptop, take out the garbage, clean my bathroom and the kitchen, find my passport, find my plane ticket (for real, I have no clue where I put them :-o )....... So little time, so much to do *argh*
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oh boy! Only 2 h and 40min! I'm so scared. I wanna die!


Jul. 21st, 2006 04:23 pm
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I hadn't been to the gym for over a week now because of all the studying, so I decided to get up really early this morning and take the bus to the main station where the gym is at. When I got there I realized that they were closed. In fact, every shop in the freakin main station was closed and there was police everywhere. I talked to a cop and he tolded me that they had found an old bomb from WWII yesterday and that the main station was closed until early afternoon. *headdesk* Course, that pissed me of big time because if I would listen to the radio, I would have known.
So I decided to drive back home for a few hours since my exam didn't start until 11:15. BUT, by that time, they had closed down my bus line as well. So I dicedid to drive to uni before they closed that line of as well, and then sat on the lawn for 3 hours. :-/

On a happy note, the exam today went great. My prof must be the best prof in the whole universe. He really only asked the things he told us to study last Friday. I've never seen an exam that easy. I mean, I only studied 2 hours last night and could answer every question without even having to think about it. :-)

And now on a not so happy note. I did fail that exam we took last friday. I mean, I've known all along I failed but what pisses me off is the fact that I reached 39% and we only need 40% to pass the course *headdesk* So I'll have to retake that one next Friday.
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OMG OMG OMG OMG! You won't believe this because I don't even do so yet, but I passed the physical chemistry test I took Tuesday!!!! They had to lower the minimum of points you need to reach though because otherwise, too many people would have failed. I think in the end, you only needed to reach 35%. And I did it! Weehee! This is so unbelievable. That means I won't have to repeat this freakin' course against next year. YAY! *bounces*

Today's test was kinda weird because stupid prof asked things which he told us we wouldn't need to study! I'm sure he said it because I even marked those pages with the words: "Don't study"
Idiot! So I'm missing quite a few things, but I think I should slide through somehow. I hope...

and now I need to study for tomorrows exam in microbiology. Our prof is really cool though, so I'm not too scared about it, even though I haven't done much for it yet.
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All righty, the physiology exam today went better and I only need 16% anyway because they combine the points with the exam we took last semester.
I really wanna go to bed now, but I still need to study about 30 pages of biochemestry for tomorrow *sigh*


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