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No, I didn't complain about the heat! Why is it raining now? That's just not fair! How am I supposed to make it to the gym now without getting all wet?! :-(
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Yay thunderstorms! I luv thunderstorms! I just wish it would be a bit darker.....
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My stupid laptop keeps shutting down because he's (yes he is a he) getting too hot. What can I do about that? Any ideas? I already put some books under the sites so he can get some air from underneath. But it doesn't really help much.

And no, that won't make me complain about the heat! You'll never hear me complain about the heat because I wann keep my right to complain when it's cold and rainy again! :-P
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Oh boy, the end of the world! It's raining so badly, you wouldn't believe it! Thunderstorms as well! Everybody is standing at the window, watching this crazyness. I love it!
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Oh great. It won't stop snowing. *headdesk* And still 4 months until winter is officially over again. I'm gonna die.
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Can you believe it, the sun is actually shining and we have 21°C. Still too cold for August, but better than what we've had for the last few weeks.
Gonna go outside now and do some airbrushing, after painting some thick boards for my Dad. Ah well, he pays me 8 bucks. That's almost a new DVD, so I won't complain.
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I don't know what's up with my dog. For the last week he started barking at exactly 7:40am every freakin' morning. I looked outside but there wasn't anything. No people to aggravate him, no other dogs... He's just going mad I think and it pisses me off because I usually don't go to bed till 3am or so when I'm on vacation and once he wakes me up I just can't fall asleap again, no matter how tired I am.
So now my eyes are burning and I got a headache. Just great.
Besides that the weater is still pissing me off. My parents, my sister and I wanted to go camping near the beach for the weekend but it looks like we'll have to postbone that. Damn! It feels and looks like November and I have the sudden urge to eat a chocolate Santa Clause.
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You know I'm starting to suspect that I am the reason for this fucked up weather. I woke up this morning at around 9am cuz the sun was shining into my face. So I got up and dressed, ready to go outside and continue airbrushing my Indy models. The moment I put my shoes on it started raining and hasn't stopped for more than a few minutes since. *argh*
Hello??? It's August! It's not supposed to be cold and rain 24/7! Gosh I miss Texas!

And now I don't know what to do. I can't continue working on this other prop I started because there's no freakin brown pen in this house! Can you believe it?!
And the stores are already closed and tomorrow is Sunday so I won't be able to buy one till Monday. That's another reason why I'd rather live in the US. You can go shopping 24h a day, every day.

Guess I'm gonna watch 'Temple of Doom' now. I already watched 'Last Crusade' this morning and Raiders last night.
Boy, I really really really wanna see Indy IV get made! Not that I get bored by the other 3 movies, it's just that I need some new material. I can quote Last Crusade 100% since it's my all time favorite and most scenes of Raiders and TOD. I need a new challenge if you know what I mean..... he he, I should get a live....

And because I haven't mentioned it for quite a while: Harrison Ford is just yummy!


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:19 pm
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..I told you it's gonna rain just when I finally have my vacation! *argh*
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......thunderstorms! I'm scarred! ;-) I see it coming already: The weather's gonna suck next week when I'm finally on my summer break.

BTW, how come I'm posting so much today? You could think I'm bored. I'm not, or at least I shouldn't be.
I just try to keep myself from studying :-/
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Dang it's hot. 35°C and no freakin' air conditioning. Living in Germany really pisses me off sometimes.
Ah well, I guess I shouldn't complain cuz if it starts raining and getting cold again, I'll be even more upset. I hate winter... and I love summer.... usually, just not when I'm stucked in my apartment with hundreds of pages to study.
Next Tuesday, I'll propably tell you all how much I enjoy the weather cuz I'll drive home Monday after my exam and then I can relax in my parents pool or go swimming in the Baltic Sea. *sigh* Is it Monday yet?


Aug. 11th, 2004 02:35 pm
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mot much going on today. Went to get a haircut this morning. That's the only part I hate about my short hair. You need to get it cut every 6 weeks. Oh well....
And now I feel just blah. No sun today, which really sucks. Everybody complained about the heat but me. I liked it. I want my sun back! *angry*
Guess I'm just gonna continue working on my Indiana Jones Grail diary prop.

I am.....

Jun. 18th, 2004 10:53 am
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..... angry!
I just had to wait 2 hours at the doctor's office. *angry*
I had an appoinment for 7:15, but it wasn't my turn 'till 9:15. I was about to jump up, ask the nurse for some scissors and cut off the stupid threads myself. *argh*

Besides, it's still raining. Haven't seen the sun since last weekend. And we only have about 12 degrees. Hello? 12 degrees?! It's June!!!!!!! Can't wait to be in Texas!


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