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Ah crap. No more Klinsi. I knew it because:

1.) if his desicion would have been different, he would have said so on sunday, getting a big load of applause, but of cource, nobody would be able to face 1Mio people, having to dissappoint them. So he kept quiet.

2.) he brought our team so far. It's much easier to leave while everybody loves you then wait until the time comes when your team fucks up a big tournament and then beeing thrown out

And even though I knew, I was hoping my gut feeling was wrong :-(
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geez is it new years eve yet? People are not stopping with fireworks :-o
I'm still kinda sad they didn't score like that last Tuesday, but yay for Schweini! He finally showed that he deserves to be in the team. great game!
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Maybe it's just me but it seems like everybody is walking around today as if in trance. Nobody's laughing, everybody is looking down... it's sad really.
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what sucks most is the fact that when you were just able to stop crying, they'll show clips of a crying Ballack or Odonkor or a real sad Klinsi who says he ain't even sure if he'll stay our couch or not, and you have to start all over again. *sniff*
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NOOOOOOOOO I'm crying *sniff*
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Ah crap, we gotta play without Frings tomorrow. I can't believe it. stupid FIFA!
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YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy my heart is about to burst!
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I think my heartrate is up to 200 bpm. I can't stand this pressure anymore!
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I know Germany will beat Argentina tomorrow because I replayed the whole World Cup last night on my XBox360 because I just got the official FIFA World Cup 2006 game. I love it! You can recognize all the players! :-o I wish it would be possible to take screenshots to show you guys how realistic they all look.
Anyway, I beat Argentina 2:0. Ballack scored first, followed by Podolski only a few minutes later. Yeah! I did use Kahn to keep goal instead of Lehmann though, after we lost the opening game against Costa Rica.
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No, this isn't going to be another soccer post. Relax! I promise!
I cleaned my flat today because my family will be here tomorrow for my B-day. And since I hadn't taken any pics of my flat yet I decided to take some before everything looks messy again. So I'll now hit you with a picspam. Be warned, my Mom uses to say that my flat looks like a kid is living here... and she's right

major pic spam of my kingdom )

BTW, [livejournal.com profile] sam80853  got your present today. Weehee *hugs* I'm not gonna open it until tomorrow though!

and because I'm a loser and never keep my promises:
a soccer note: AHHHHHH, Argentina will be our next opponent. *hides*
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Aww I love our team *sigh*
But I'm kinda scared about Friday. I bet we'll have to play against Argentina. We could beat them of course but it's gonna be harder than today's team.
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Sweden is SO going down!
2:0 yeah!
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1:0 and only 4min passed! YEAH!
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I just realised, that if we beat Sweden this weekend, and Argentina continues to play like this, they'd be our opponent for the quarter final. :-o


Jun. 21st, 2006 11:06 am
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Aw, look what the Captain made for me! Yay! My 2 favorite people of this world cup!
*hugs [livejournal.com profile] stormymouse *

And I'm sorry for only posting about soccer latley. no wait, actually I'm not sorry because I love this world cup! hehe
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Yay 3:0!!! Weeheee!
I listened to the first halftime on my cell phone but then the battery died on me. Since I had just reached main station anyway, I just stayed there and watched the second half on one of the many big TV's they put up there, which was awesome because there were so many people and it's much more fun then watching the game all by yourself.
Also, there were a whole bunch of cops since the game was just around the corner in Berlin. I've never seen cops in uniforms cheer that much *lol*
And OMG, I also said so after the first game but I absolutly love Klose! He's my hero of this world cup!
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What an exciting game! weehee! And one point at least. So if the US will win aginst Ghana next Thursday, does that mean they make the last 16? Or does it depend on how Italy and the Czechs are playing too?
And I need somebody to explain those offside rules to me! I thought I understood it, but why didn't Beasley's goal count? Don't get that.

Btw, does anybody know an online streaming site showing the games? Because I think stupid German TV will show Italy vs Czech next Thursday instead of the US game >:-/
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and we are down to 9...
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*headdesk* It's gonna happen all over agian
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6:0 :-o Man, I hope we won't have to face Argentina anytime soon.


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