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uhhhhh, this makes me SO excited!


Nov. 4th, 2005 04:59 pm
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I'm waiting for a package from amazon with my Season 9 X-Files DVDs. I got an email that they sent it on Tuesday and it's still not her! *argh* What's up with that? They usually need 1 day.
This is pissing me off cuz I finished Season 8 two days ago. What am I supposed to watch tonight?
BTW, the last scene of season 8 must be one of the best scenes in TV history ever *sigh*
And now I'm off to do stuff for uni. On a Friday afternoon. It's pathetic really. I think I'm not gonna have another free afternoon until next March.
And before I forget: OMG, I felt my sisters baby last weekend. I put my hand on her belly and could feel the little one kicking. This is so freakin amazing!


Oct. 30th, 2005 02:15 pm
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Bwahaha I just love that episode
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Somebody please hand me a kleenex!
Just watched 'Requim', the last episode of Season 7. You know, the one where Mulder gets abducted..... *cry*
It's not fair really. Just when they start to see more than friends in each other *cries some more*
Oh boy, I totally forgot how big a M/S shipper I am, even though I can understand why some people read Mulder/Skinner slash. The last scene where Skinner cries for Mulder was pretty slashy...
Anyway, gonna start with Season 8 tomorrow. Gah, me don't like Dogget. Me want Mulder back now!


Oct. 24th, 2005 03:04 pm
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Please remind me never to watch X-Files' "Hollywood AD" episode again when eating lunch at the same time!
Who would have thought that peas can actually fly so far.
That must have been one of the most funniest things I've ever seen, and it's definatly one of my favorite episodes now.
I only watched it one time before on German TV, which is already years ago and I didn't remember it beeing so cool.
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*ouch* my belly hurts big time. I tell ya it's the stress! I was doing so good most of my vacation. No stomach problems. and only a few weeks of uni mess up my whole metabolism again.
Thank God it's Friday tomorrow. I really need the weekend even though I know I'll have to do a whole bunch of stuff for uni.

I also got my package today.
OMG, the freakin bio-chemistry book has more than 1000 pages! *headdesk* I'm so gonna die.
Also got my X-Files Season 8 DVD. F***! They changed the stupid design of the boxes! I hate it when they do that just to save money!
The box is much slimmer than the previous seasons I already have, which looks just plain stupid when standing next to each other.
They put all the DVDs in one case, like they did with the ENTERPRISE DVDs, instead of the fold-out case they used to be in. That sucks!

And some more bad news: they changed the release date of the 18" talking Hartigan action figure. It won't come out until November, which, now that I think about it, isn't so bad after all since it will give me more time to save money for it.
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Yippee-ki-yay! I got my wireless LAN working again.
Don't ask me what I did because I have no fucking clue!
I was clicking on weird buttons, checking and unchecking little boxes and voila it worked again all of a sudden. *jumps up and down* Well no, I'm actually not jumping up and down cuz I have a major headache. :-/
I think I'm running a fever again. I should plant myself on the couch.....and watch some more X-Files.
Finished Season5 last night so I guess the movie is next. Haven't seen that one for a few years. What a shame.
I almost forgot how much I used to love that show. My first fandom.....I was 10 *sigh* Wow, am I really that old.
And David Duchovny was my first crush.....*g*
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decisions, decisions..... ah I hate that. I really wanna get those X-Files DVD box sets I'm still missing. Weltbild has them for 58 bucks which is really cheap compared what they used to be. Even ebay can't beat that.....
But, and that's the big but, I can't afford that right now since I don't even have any christmas presents for my family yet..... *argh*
Can't put them on my x-mas wishlist either cuz I know I'm getting the TOS DVDs already..... hm......


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