Jul. 20th, 2006

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OMG OMG OMG OMG! You won't believe this because I don't even do so yet, but I passed the physical chemistry test I took Tuesday!!!! They had to lower the minimum of points you need to reach though because otherwise, too many people would have failed. I think in the end, you only needed to reach 35%. And I did it! Weehee! This is so unbelievable. That means I won't have to repeat this freakin' course against next year. YAY! *bounces*

Today's test was kinda weird because stupid prof asked things which he told us we wouldn't need to study! I'm sure he said it because I even marked those pages with the words: "Don't study"
Idiot! So I'm missing quite a few things, but I think I should slide through somehow. I hope...

and now I need to study for tomorrows exam in microbiology. Our prof is really cool though, so I'm not too scared about it, even though I haven't done much for it yet.
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awww..... but at least it's giving me hope he'll do international cons in the future.
Man, I'd even be in the US during that time, but I just can't affort a flight to Vegas...., not to mention the horrible entrance fee.

Bakula Signs On to Vegas!

EDIT: WTF is wrong with Creation anyway? 99 bucks for a photo with Scott and 149 for an autograph. They've gotta be kiddin me! I've gotten all of this for free + a hug. F*** capitalism!


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