Nov. 8th, 2006

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Oh how I hate Wednesday. I just now got home after a long, cold (my toes are close to turn black!) and exhausting day including 5.5 (!) hours of math. Ugh! I'm never gonna pass math....

The only good thing today: my Knight Rider Season 2 DVDs are here! Weeha!
I'm pondering if I should start watching now, or rather study tonight because I have a written exam on Friday in my laboratory animal ah wtf, I still have tomorrow to study! That's gotta be enough.

Oh and I really should have read the next chapter in Hoff's book BEFORE watching the Knight Rider 2000 movie last night because he said:
  "I threw it [the script] across the kitchen.
   Pamela said, 'What's wrong?'
  'You're not going to believe this - Michael Knight is washed up and living in the woods because he can't cope with life anymore. They've killed off Devon and handed the Foundation over to a girl - and the car is now red.'
  'What are you going to do?'
 'What choice do I have? I either play the part or they'll do it without me and say I'm dead.'

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! Couldn't he let me know that before I wasted 90min on that crap? Tzz
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See, it wasn't even poor Hoffy's fault that he never made it to stardom as a singer in the US. It's all the fault of bad bad O.J. Simpsons. Ha!

"I was determinded to get my singing career of the ground in the USA. The chance came when Jan McCormack received a call from an executive producer in NY offering me a concert in Pay-per-view to be televised at the Tramp Plaza. It would, I thought, establish me as a mainstream singer in front of a huge American audience. [....]
I bounded backstage to find Donald in my dressing room. I'd done a great show and wanted to hear the good news.
 'How did we do?'
 Donald pointed to the TV set. 'Take a look at our buddy.'
 'It's O.J. - he's running from the police.'
 'Tell me that isn't live!'
Donalds expression told me that it was. The slow-speed chase was the most widely watched event in American television history, bigger even than the moon landing. O.J. got 90 Mio viewers. I got 30,000. I had paid and nobody viewed. It cost us $1.5 Mio.

Awwwwww, poor poor Hoffy! *lol*
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He talks about the earthquake that hit LA in 1994 and destroyed his house in the middle of the night. He and his family just made it outside.

" The neighbours came over. One of them said, 'Have you turned off your gas?' I had a lighter and was about to flick it on.
 The guy said, 'There's gas everywhere - you'll be blown to bits.'
 'Oh, okay, I'm sorry - I'm an actor.'"



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