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wanna hear about my fun night and day? No? Well too bad, because I will tell you anyway:

So yesterday, I took the train to Potsdam to get a good nights sleep before the math exam today.
I planned to eat some dinner and go to bed right afterwards.
While eating dinner my intestines started making funny noises, which in itself ain't that unusual for me because I have this lactose intolerance thingy going on.
Anyway, it got worse and I got this bad bad bad diarrhea. Probably lost about 1 l of fluids, if not more. Therefore, my blood pressure went down the dodo, and I got a high fever and chills as well. I couldn't drink anything though, without having to run to the bathroom again just a few minutes later.
When I couldn't stand the pain anymore and was close to passing out, I called my parents in the middle of the night, who in turn called 911. So an emergency doc came by, took my blood pressure, which was down to 82/40 something and insisted on taking me to the ER, where I spent the night, getting infusions and blood samples taken.
Around 5am, they finally found a free bed for me and took me upstairs. They actually wanted to keep me there for a few days, but my parents, who had made it all the way to Potsdam by then, persuated them to let me go.
So I made it to my math exam on time, with NO sleep whatsoever. So if I fail, at least I'll have an excuse. I hope I passed though. There were 7 problems to solve. I did 6 of them, but I'm not sure if I did them correctly. I just hope I somehow reached the 50% mark. I don't wanna have to go through this crap again.

So yeah, how has you day been?
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