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Where have I been the last couple of days, you may wonder
Well, I studied, studied and then studied some more. Why? Because I had my oral genetics exam today....... and freakin' PASSED! Weeheeeeee! *jumps up and down*
So tomorrow I'll start with organic chemistry. It's never gonna end, is it? It's gonna take some months to prepare for that exam and that's the one I'm really really scared about because so many fellow students failed it.

What else? hm..... Oh, I got a new cell! Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot K800i! I absolutly love it! It has this great camera function going on (3.2 megapixel), mp3 player, video player....... *hugs it*
And I also bought Henry Maske's autobiography! Ohhhhhh...... I so love that man. I wanna pet him and lick off his sweat

....Trying to remember some other things that happend last week....hm.... oh yeah, I got my Laptop working again after reinstalling XP. Uih, it's fast again! I'm still busy reorganizing all my pictures and mp3's. That's gonna take weeks, since now that I have my external 320GB harddrive, I can finally get rid of all my space consuming CDs and put them on there. And as musch as I dislike Bill Gates, I absolutly dig Windows Media Player! Who would have thought that my favorite music genre seems to be Alternative Rock?! Interesting.

And before I leave to continue watching "Germany's Next Topmodel": anybody watching the current German Big Brother season? OMG, sooooo much better than last season! I love it and get really cranky when I can't watch..... like today, gotta catch the rerun tomorrow morning. I'm such a sucker for non-intelligent TV. Yeah!
I bet Michael is gonna win. Who wants to bet against it?
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